have the courage to be kind

Be active in purposeful giving

The Please and Thank You Foundation was created to bring kindness back into society by seeing a need and filling it. Our goal is to financially sponsor seniors and to give them a higher quality of life. Encourage people to take action when
they see someone in need.


The Please and Thank You Foundation was born out of an idea from Colleen Brooks, president, chief operating officer, co-founder and co-owner of William’s Manor LLC, an assisted living company that, like the foundation, aims to raise the standard for seniors and others struggling with deficient health care. A nurse specializing in geriatrics for 25 years, Colleen has lived and experienced the often nightmarish conditions and neglect our seniors must endure, under the disguise of “health care” and “wellness.” The need for change is real, and it must start with awareness — from our retiring Baby Boomer generation to, more importantly, their children and grandchildren. Without that awareness, what is substandard today will become deplorable in the near future.



 Its ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of our extraordinary wisdom-filled generation, starting with education of our youth and extending throughout the medical and health care communities. It strives to build awareness of the serious issues confronting today’s health care industry, especially for seniors, and to instill a sense of respect and gratitude among our younger generations.






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