"THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking such wonderful care of my grammy, Stella. I could always rest easy knowing she was part of another family when we could no longer care for her ourselves. I can't thank you enough for all you've done."
— Kirsten Mondell

"HOW CAN WE EVER THANK YOU for the wonderful care you gave my mom? We can't. We can thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent when she passed away — especially Jeb's flower. You all took such wonderful care of her. Again, thank you."
— Debbie, Vince, Kristen and Krystal

I WANTED TO THANK YOU ALL for the care you provided for my mom, Jean. It was very difficult to have to move my mom out of her home, but she was welcomed into your 'home' with much warmth and care! I always thought her room was so bright and cheerful. You provided exactly what best suited our family's needs. My dad always said he couldn't have picked a better place for her. The past year has been very hard for her and my family. She needed extra care, and you all stepped up to the task. Please know how appreciated your efforts and work are to us. It was a blessing for us to find you and William's Manor."
— Sharon Connolly Flood

"WE KNEW THE FIRST TIME WE MET COLLEEN that this was the place for my mom. This is where she would spend her days and nights. We had three other places to visit that day, but we never made it to any of them. It's a decision we don't regret! That was almost five years ago when my mom joined the William's Manor family. What Colleen and her staff have done for my mom and our family is absolutely amazing! They are such a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring group of people who not only take great care of their residents, but also their families. Moving my mom out of her home was one of the hardest things we've had to do, but thanks to Colleen and her wonderful staff, that mountain was not too hard to climb, and we certainly didn't do it alone. The hours that William's Manor gives to our family are endless and so appreciated. William's Manor takes such fantastic care of my mom that we consider them to be part of the family. I can't begin to express my gratitude to all of the awesome people on Colleen's team and feel truly blessed that they are part of our lives.
— Gina and Scott Lowe and Family

"MY WIFE HAS BEEN PART OF THE WILLIAM'S MANOR FAMILY for almost five years. They do a great job caring for my wife (and me as well) and far exceed any other care. They treat my wife more like family than a patient. They are very welcoming and always make me feel right at home. I can't imagine her being anywhere else! The care and compassion they demonstrate are phenomenal. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful place with such kind and caring people."
— Gino Angelozzi

"WHEN A DECISION NEEDS TO BE MADE about the care of your parents in their elder years, it can be very difficult. We faced this decision five years ago when my mother needed more care than we could provide. After looking at many options, we came across William's Manor. William's Manor is more than an assisted living facility. It is an extension of your home. The quality of care and the love they provide, not only to your loved ones but the whole family, is amazing. Colleen and her staff provide excellent care and support for my mother. I can't imagine my mother being in any other place. William's Manor is truly a godsend."
— Gino Angelozzi Jr.

"WILLIAM'S MANOR IS A GREAT PLACE! It's welcoming and comforting home. There are great people working there. All in all, it's a great place to be, and I'm glad my nan is there."
— Jake Lowe (grandson)

"MY GRANDMOTHER WAS PLACED in a local nursing home for what we thought would be a temporary stay to gain strength, with a plan to bring her back home. It became apparent that her care had become more than we could handle safely at home, so we decided as a family to seek out the best possible setting to keep her safe and well-cared-for. William's Manor was without a doubt the best choice. We had peace of mind in knowing she would be looked after 24/7 and enjoy all the comforts of a home in a clean, pretty, well-cared-for place. She enjoyed a private bedroom, with a cozy decor while having full access to shared living quarters that enabled her to continue full social life, pleasant company and activities. Her schedule was individualized, as was her medication regime, sleep schedule and activities of daily living. The time spent there enabled her to have the greatest quality of life possible. Our time with her was now spent visiting, relaxing and enjoying each other's company rather than struggling to maintain her needs. The loving and caring staff provided top-notch care and allowed us to rest easy, knowing she was in the best hands. Our presence was welcomed, and every visit there was the same as going to see our grandmother in her own home. We celebrated holidays and held family parties and gatherings in the common areas of the home, creating memories that will last a lifetime. During her last hospital stay, my grandmother was determined to 'go home,' and by that, she meant getting back to William's Manor. It was a great consolation to know that she considered that 'home.' What a gift to me and my family, but especially to her, to look back at her final year with us and not have one regret, but instead be content with the choices we made for her care. We were able to be there with her until her final breath, with the loving and caring staff right at our sides, not only caring for her, but for us in our time of need. I am confident and proud of the choices we made for my grandmother's care. William's Manor was our best choice, by far."
— Michele Schaible

"WILLIAM'S MANOR IS WONDERFUL. My great grandmother moved there after a stay in the hospital determined she was no longer able to stay with my grandparents. William's Manor provided amazing care, and treated her like family. When we visited, we could feel the warmth that surrounded her. I am truly grateful to everyone at William's Manor for giving my family the reassurance that Nanny was taken care of and happy in a home she loved until her last days."
— Lauryn Reifinger